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Trade Ministers adopt ‘Team Australia’ approach

The second Trade and Investment Ministers’ Meeting, held during September 2014 in Cairns, brought together representatives from all states and territories and the Commonwealth.

Federal Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb who hosted the meeting said the outcome was a good example of Australians working together to back our country’s strengths. “As a nation we are best served concentrating on the things we do as well as anybody and better than most,” he said. “Today’s agreement will enhance the work of the Abbott government and individual states and territories as they seek to realise the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered by the rise of Asia’s middle class.”

The ministers agreed to identify high quality investment projects within their jurisdictions and work together to address regulatory barriers to capital. They also agreed to commission their departments to develop joint promotional events and business missions suitable for a coordinated, Team Australia approach.

andrew robb MP



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